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ABOUT automeyes

Automeyes is an innovated tool that will improve work-flow, productivity, and accuracy while reducing costly re-dos and keeping the patient wait time down. Automeyes founders have more than 100 combined years of servicing eye glass patients and optical practices using sales, marketing, and technology strategies, and they are able to help you grow your optical business.


The user-friendly technology can be used via any smart phone or tablet and uses the device’s camera to take sophisticated optical measurements in just a few simple steps.

As a partner, you will get all the software training, support, and personalized strategies on how to use the tool to grow your business


Our goal is to help standardize the eye-glass purchase experience by using a proven and systemic approach to taking measurements, which improves accuracy and expensive mistakes.In addition to the mobile friendly nature of the tool for the optical professional, the flexibility of the technology allows customers to simply take a photo of themselves with their glasses frames on and submit that to the optical professional for measurement calculations.

We are proud that our technology can benefit both the optical professional and ultimately their customers


We pride ourselves on our foundation of putting the customer first, while also understanding the unique needs of optical managers. It is our sincere hope that you will give us a chance to help us improve your practice and patient care with a customized solution – contact ustoday for a free trial.

All of the tools we provide work in conjunction with all major lens manufacturers including Zeiss, Essilor, Shamir, Hoya, IOT, Younger Optics and others.